How to control the Legendary Armor robot or Cyber robot

Heroes learns that Galactic Headphone to control their thought while they are sleeping.

  1. Hero wears the Galactic Headphone to turn the button on.
  2. Turned on and make the hero gets in deep sleep and connected the hero into the turned on Legendary robot with activated Light Cyber wings are on in 3 seconds, the deep sleeping hero is protected with the electric shock (Only Pokemons can hugs the deep sleeping hero without being electrocuted).
  3. He was a cyborg of the Legendary robot that the hero learn his thought to move and control himself, he opens the left hand secret turn off button to turn the button off.
  4. Legendary robot gets stand straight and turned off and connected the hero back into the human of himself in 3 seconds, then he wakes up and take off the Galactic Headphone.

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