List of six Legendary Armor robots

Name: P-38 Lightning

  • Uzi type: Straight Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Homing Missiles
  • Melee weapon: Thundery Sword
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Type II Missiles
  • Support attack: P-51 Mustang Attack Formation

Name: F-5U Flying Pancake

  • Uzi type: Cool Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Search Laser
  • Melee weapon: Aqua Trident
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Buster Laser
  • Support attack: B-35 Strike Formation

Name: Focke-Wulf Ta152

  • Uzi type: Lining Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Large Antitank Rockets
  • Melee weapon: Flamer Spear
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Plasma Mine
  • Support attack: Giant A9A10 Rocket

Name: Ki-84 Hayate

  • Uzi type: Splash Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Seeking Wingmen
  • Melee weapon: Watery Katana
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Wingmen Attack Formation
  • Support attack: Bomber Air Support

Name: J7W Shinden

  • Uzi type: Forwarder Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Heat Missiles
  • Melee weapon: Winder Javelin
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Samurai Sword '98
  • Support attack: Dive Bombing Support Run

Name: DH98 Mosquito

  • Uzi type: Snot Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Rapid-Fire Antitank Rockets
  • Melee weapon: Windy Saber
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Roll Napalm
  • Support attack: Mosquito Attack Unit

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